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May I have your attention please? we 7+ billion human beings need to save our planet. NOW!

We are 7++ billion human beings who must restore, repair, preserve and protect nature in order to preserve all life on OUR planet .... Our network of over 100 websites & blogs are all dedicated to the cause of nature which is the cause of humanity & all living organisms on OUR planet.

We are optimizing sites such as,,,,, & MANY many more! for both fun & learning. OUR dedication is to teaching & learning & protecting and conserving Nature & our environment. Join one or more sites & contribute your stories about nature & life in general. The more who participate the more OUR message will be shared. OUR freefish sites are about relationships & friends & romance & much more.

HOW? you ask ....
it is simple

Nature sustains life for the living. Humans must stop destroying nature & must care take & nurture nature in order for all forms of life to continue living.

OUR network of over 100 websites needs your stories. All of us have stories to tell about nature or even just fun stories about life. We are all storytellers. IN fact one of our sites is dedicated to making storytellers out of everyone! No need to be Earnest Hemingway to tell your stories ... we check the spelling and grammar & you just write!

WRITE to fight! Use your consumption as a weapon! join me

The power & waste of consumption is destroying all life but OUR basic & essential consumptive needs can also be used to solve the problems of OUR planet. Each dollar we humans don't spend on capitalism is 1 billion times more valuable and powerful than each dollar we waste on what we want but don't need. Find out why need should come before want. Buy USED & previously owned from one another - contribute what you no longer need to others in need. Conserve don't consume & the few in power will bow to the will of 7++ billion peeps!

Support OUR network. join me

We raise funds to pay our expenses using venues such as Ebay or Etsy or Bonanza. On Ebay contributions from up to 100% of sales are made to charities that support the causes of nature, environment, conservation, ecology, education, science, technology and justice, opportunity and freedom from need for all 7++ billion human beings on Earth .......

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